Communications Engineering Lab

Offers for Bachelor and Master Theses

You are looking for a bachelor or master thesis in the field of communications engineering? Then you arrived at the right place!

In the section "Current Theses", you can find actual announcements of bachelor and master tehsis. The topic of each thesis is usually closely linked to a research topic of a scientific employee, who is offering the topic. If you are interested in a thesis, please contact (phone, e-mail) the corresponding employee and arrange a nonbinding conversation. Even if you are not 100% convinced that a certain thesis would be best suited for you, but if you find the topic in general interesting, it will be beneficial to initiate a contact. Often, during the conversation, new ideas open up and we have the possibilitiy to respond to your interests and skills by adapting the topic.

In the section "Finished Theses" you can see a list of already finished theses. These should give you an idea about the research topics previously processed by the employees of the institute. Possibly, you will have the opportunity to continue on or another of these topics. A guideline here is also to contact the employee and arrange a nonbinding conversation.

If you have an own idea or suggestion for a theses that is not listed here, please contact us! We are always willing and interested to purse new and interesting directions in communications engineering.

Also note that some of the topics listed below are in German. If you require assistance in translating the contents, please do not hesitate to contact us.

ETIT Project

As an alternative to the industrial internship, you can conduct multiple interesting projects at the CEL in the broad scope of communications. You can conduct the projects either alone or in a group. For more details, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Current Theses

Bachelor theses:

Besides the topics listed here, some aspects of the master theses below and the ETIT project can also be carried out as a bachelor thesis. If you don't find your preferate topic listed here, please contact us directly.

ETIT projects:

  • Optimization and implementation of communication systems using maschine learning
  • Implementation and evaluation of contact tracing approaches using software defined radios

Master theses:

Finished Theses

  • Entwicklung eines Reinforcement Learning Agents für OFDMA Ressourcenzuweisung
  • Untersuchung von Nichtlinearitäten bei der Glasfaserdatenübertragung
  • Echtzeitfähige Kanaldiagonalisierung für einen MIMO-Transceiver
  • Implementation and Evaluation of a Variable-Length Feedback Coder
  • Polarization of Reed-Muller Codes
  • Analysis and Implementation of Orthogonal Time Frequency Space Modulation
  • Non-Binary Low-Density Parity-Check Codes
  • Adaptive Spektralschätzung in Cognitive Radio Terminals
  • Aufbau eines Demonstrators zur Synchronisation einer digitalen Übertragungsstrecke
  • Aufbau eines Funkpeilsystems mit GNU Radio
  • Aufbau eines Systems zur Erfassung der Belegungsstatistik von LTE-Funkzellen
  • Drahtlose ad hoc Netze: Einfluss von Waterfilling- Leistungsregelung
  • DVB-T transmitter implementation over a software defined platform
  • Erweiterung einer Simulink-Anbindung für SDR-Frontends
  • Erweiterung eines Open Source Empfängers für LTE Downlink-Signale
  • Implementierung eines DECT-Empfängers mit GNU Radio
  • MIMO für LTE-Empfänger in GNU Radio
  • Modellbildung und Simulation frequenzmoduliertes Radar
  • Optimierte Implementierung einer Kanalschätzung und Entzerrung für SC-FDE
  • Optimierte Realisierung eines Turbo Entzerrers
  • Planung und Durchführung einer Messkampange für ein TDOA-Ortungssystem
  • Portierung einer Wellenform auf eine heterogene SDR Plattform
  • Programmierung des Viterbi Decoders auf einem DSP