Major 19: Aerospace Systems

Joint major of Institut für Hochfrequenztechnik und Elektronik (IHE) and Institut für Nachrichtentechnik (CEL)


General Comments

The field of aerospace systems requires research and development of airplanes, spacecrafts, satellites and many more. Ideas and technologies originally developed for aerospace systems turned out to inspire and to influence world-wide communication, mobility, security and, last but not least, economy and quality of life.

Aerospace systems are naturally necessitating teams of international partners. Thus, European countries have been cooperating in projects as, e.g., Airbus, Ariane, Eurofighter, Eurocoptern and ISS, for a very long time and several word-wide partnerships and collaborations have been established.

Aerospace systems require knowledge on analysis and synthesis of complex systems, comprising among others microwave technology, antenna design, communications, coding… When analyzing such systems prospective engineers are getting qualified to work in interdisciplinary teams and to contribute creatively to the complete system.

Within their Bachelor and Master theses graduates are contributing on state of the art topics of current research. Close cooperation of IHE and CEL offers numerous opportunities so that students are enabled to shape their individual profile. Information on current research topics can be found on homepages of IHE and CEL.


Mandatory and elective modules

Detailed information concerning the curriculum are provided on the website of Fakultät für Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik.

Several possible elective courses are provided in this document. Additionally, lectures of the department ETIT and on a limitied scale from other departments may be chosen if they make sense within your major. All choices have to be approved by your study advisor.


Soft skills

In addition to the mandatory courses and the electives, so-called "überfachliche Qualifikationen" (ÜQ, soft skills) have to be completed. They have to cover 6 credits (LP) and should be chosen from department ETIT or others. Those ÜQ can be selected at will as long as their content is not technical.
Possible choices are modules within the area of economy, social sciences, the „Centre for Cultural and General Studies“ (ZAK) or the "House of Competence“ (HoC):

  • Business administration
  • Language courses
  • ...

Please note that no ETIT-elective may be chosen as ÜQ.


Contact information


Institut für Hochfrequenztechnik und Elektronik

Head of institute: Prof. Dr. Ing. Ahmet Cagri Ulusoy, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Zwick
Gebäude 30.10

Study advisor:
Dr.-Ing. Mario Pauli
Tel.: 0721 / 608-46259
Fax: 0721 / 608-45027
E-Mail: mario.pauli∂


Communication Engineering Lab

Head of institute: Prof. Dr. Laurent Schmalen
Gebäude 05.01

Study advisor:
Dr.-Ing. Holger Jäkel
Tel.: 0721 / 608-46272
Fax: 0721 / 608-46071
E-Mail: holger.jaekel∂kit edu