The Communication Engineering Lab (CEL) at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

According to the cultural heritage of Wilhelm von Humboldt, research and education are looked upon at CEL as one consolidated entity. Research fertilizes education and guarantees that our graduates are not only skilled in current techniques but are able to explore new areas of science and technology. Successful education feeds back to research, not least by our research associates who often come from the students graduating at our laboratory.



 Research at CEL mainly focuses on the field of robust data communications as well as on digital signal processing as its scientific foundation:

  • Efficient, resource-optimized communications
  • Channel coding with extremely low error rates for high speed data transmission
  • Application of machine learning in telecommunications
  • Transmission over channels with nonlinear characteristics
  • Software defined and cognitive radios
  • Dynamic spectrum management
  • Ultra wide band systems
  • Digital signal processing and analysis

Consistent with these research topics, co-operations in national and international research programs are pursued. Joint projects with industry and public customers complete our creative scientific work.




Within the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, CEL is engaged in all levels of academic education. Being part of the research field Information and Communication, CEL offers the major Mobile Communications. Basic and advanced concepts from the fields of transmission technology and signal processing are covered within CEL’s lectures and seminars. Graduates are familiar with the technological and scientific fundamentals of up-to-date communication networks. They may be employed as engineers in research and development as well as in sales and marketing. An individual supervision during the final bachelor’s or master’s project as well as the integration into one of CEL’s working groups educates our students in teamwork and makes them sensitive to their social environment.