Communications Engineering Lab

UHD Sensor block


The UHD Sensor block is used to query sensor values from a USRP. The block acts as a frontend for the uhd_sensor S-function.


Dialog Box

The dialog box can be used to set the parameters of a USRP sensor.

Device Tab Pane


Device Identifier (e.g. IP Address)

Specify the identifier of the attached USRP. Possible identifiers are the IP Address (e.g. addr=, the Serial Number (e.g. serial=EGR18WFRP), the Type (e.g. type=usrp2), or the Device Name (e.g. name=myUSRP). Available devices are displayed in the block description. The identifier should be non-ambiguous. In the case of an IP Address, the hint addr= can be omitted.

Query Sensors

The Query Sensors checkbox acts like a push-button and displays information and parameters about the USRP (according to the identifier) using the USRP explorer and a special sensor filter. The parameters can be used to complete the whole UHD Sensor mask. (Just to make sure, the checkbox can't be selected.)

Channel, Class, Name and Data Type

These sensor-specific values can be obtained by using the Query Sensors function.


Example: With the output of the USRP explorer (tree), one possible sensor could be: mimo_locked.

Sample time

Specify the sample time (update interval) of the UHD Sensor block.

Misc Tab Pane


Restore Block Size

Restore the geometric size of the UHD Source block. The checkbox acts like a push-button and hence can't be set.