Johannes Voigt, M.Sc.

Johannes Voigt, M.Sc.

  • Hertzstr. 16
    76187 Karlsruhe

Research Topics

  • Research and development of novel Media Access Control (MAC) protocols based on Deep Learning
  • Mobility management optimization in radio access networks (RAN) using deep reinforcement learning


  • Tutorial Wahrscheinlichkeitstheorie (since WS 22/23)
  • Tutorial Mobile Communications (since WS 22/23)

Full List of Publications

Conference papers

  1. J. Voigt, H. Jäkel and L. Schmalen, "Semi-deterministic subspace selection for sparse recursive projection-aggregation decoding of Reed-Muller codes," Proc. Int. ITG Workshop on Smart Antennas and Conf. on Systems, Communications, and Coding (WSA-SCC), Braunschweig, Germany, Feb. 2023,
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