Lyrtech SFF-SDR

Embedded Linux on the Lyrtech SFF-SDR

The Lyrtech Small Form Factor Software-Defined Radio is an modular designed Software-Defined Radio Platform with multiple application areas and it is a current object of research at the Communications Engineering Lab. One of these research projects deals with installing an Open Source Embedded Linux distribution on the Lyrtech SFF-SDR. To ensure an easy reproduction of the required different steps to get the distribution running and also to help other Embedded Linux- and Software Radio-Enthusiasts we decided to write a comprisal of our project. You can find it in the download section below.

For this project we used Open Source Software: Mainly OpenEmbedded and Sourcery CodeBench Lite. A full list of the Software can be found in the Link section below or in the comprisal.

We also provide a patch for the Linux-Kernel that can also be integrated in OpenEmbedded.

In the Link section below we listed some links that were very helpful while working on the SFF-SDR Project.