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Function References

This page provides an overview of the MATLAB functions included in the Simulink-UHD software package.


USRPs attached to the host can be discovered using this function. The function returns a summary about connected USRPs containing the name, the type and the address/serial for each device.


>> uhd_find_devices
linux; GNU C++ version 4.6.3; Boost_104400; UHD_003.004.003-177-g584b7ae2

Found 1 device(s):
Identifier    Type  Name
============================== usrp2 


Parameters of a USRP can be queried using this function. The supported parameter list is displayed when executing the uhd_get_param function without arguments. The number of queried parameters at once can be greater than one.


>> [a b c]=uhd_get_param('','mboard_name','tx_rate(0)','tx_antenna')

a = mboard: 0 name: 'USRP2-REV3' b = 1000000 c = channel: 0 name: 'TX/RX'


This function displays an user friendly summary of the parameters of a USRP using an explorer-like GUI.


>> uhd_usrp_explorer('')

To filter only device sensors, use:
>> uhd_usrp_explorer('',1)


This function can be used to verify if a USRP is attached to the host or not. The return value is greater zero if the device exists.


>> uhd_check_device_exists('')

ans = 1