Ausgewählte Kapitel der Nachrichtentechnik

  • type: Seminar (S)
  • chair: Fakultät f. Elektrotechnik und Informati
  • semester: SS 2014
  • time: tbd
    CEL, Seminar Room
  • lecturer: Holger Jäkel
  • sws: 3
  • ects: 4,5
  • lv-no.: 23512
  • exam:

    paper and presentation (in german)

  • information: Prerequisites:
    knowledge in digital communications useful

    All participants meet the 14.04.2014 at 10:00 a.m. in the seminar room of the institute.
    The seminar is restricted to 10 participants!

    Templates (login provided in the seminar)
Bemerkungen nach Vereinbarung, Seminarraum CEL, Kreuzstr. 11

Selected Topics in Communications

Today, summarizing a technical content by means of a (short) paper and presenting it in front of an audience plays a crucial role in everyday's work. The seminar aims at developing these abilities. Based on a study of existing literature, the participants have to become familiar with a given technical problem, summarize the topic in a short paper and present it to the other participants in a 20 minutes talk. A well structured paper is as important as well-designed slides and a competent presentation style.   All participants are provided with templates for both paper and presentation. Thereby, participants will learn to work with the tools LaTeX and Powerpoint, which will become important for further theses. Members of the Institut für Nachrichtentechnik instruct and support the participants throughout the seminar.

Topics in the summer term 2014

  1. Localization in Mobile Communications Systems
  2. Comparison of Satellite-based Localization Systems
  3. An Introduction to the Global Positioning System (GPS)
  4. Deep Space Communications - Constraints, Receiver Architectures and Signal Processing
  5. Synthetic Aperture Radar - Fundamentals, Applications and Signal Processing
  6. Cryptographic Methods for Private Communications
  7. Receiver Diversity in Cognitive Radios: SC, EGC and MRC
  8. Channel Equalization: Analysis of the MMSE Method
  9. LTE: Medium Access and Multiplex
  10. Principles of Underwater Communications
  11. Discrete Fourier Transformation: Alternatives to Radix-2
  12. Zigbee - Principles and Applications
  13. Cooperative Communications in Mobile Communications Networks
  14. Device-to-Device Communications in LTE