Communication Lab

  • type: Praktikum (P)
  • chair: KIT-Fakultäten - KIT-Fakultät für Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik
  • semester: SS 2022
  • time:

    14:00 - 18:00

  • start: 27.04.2022
  • lecturer:

    Andrej Rode
    Luca Schmid
    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Laurent Schmalen

  • sws: 4
  • lv-no.: 2310517
  • information: Präsenz/Online gemischt

The start date of the lab is 27.04.2022. The lab will be held in hybrid form, i.e. the tasks can be completed remotely or in presence, depending on the preference of the participants.
Note, that the lab can only be accounted for the Master (or "Mastervorzug"), not for the Bachelor. For any questions contact Luca Schmid or Andrej Rode.

The binding registration can be done via the respective ILIAS course until 22.04.2022

The goal of this lab is the deepening of the theory from the Bachelor courses "Nachrichtentechnik I" and "Signale und Systeme" as well as the practical application. By means of various experiments in Python and GNU Radio, practical knowledge is also imparted.

The lab is divided into 11 experiments, which are worked on during 11 consecutive sessions. The topics of the individual sessions are:

  1.     Introduction to the Version Control System Git and the Python Library NumPy
  2.     Discrete Fourier Transform
  3.     Sampling Theorem
  4.     FIR Filters
  5.     Stochastic Signals
  6.     Source Coding
  7.     Channel Coding
  8.     Digital Modulation
  9.     Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM)
  10.     Synchonisation
  11.     Machine Learning and Optimization in Communications

Requirements for this lab is are the Bachelor courses "Signale und Systeme" and "Nachrichtentechnik I". The material of this course (script) is in English.