Erdem Eray Cil, M.Sc.


  • Channel coding and information theory
  • Information reconciliation for continuous-variable quantum key distribution
    • Low-complexity codes/decoding for information reconciliation
    • Information reconciliation protocol/parameter optimization


  • Tutorial Communications Engineering II (since WS 2021/2022)

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Design of a Channel Code for CV- QKD using Neural Networks Erdem Eray Cil MA
Polar Codes for CV-QKD System Erdem Eray Cil BA/MA
Early Termination of BP Decoder for CV-QKD Erdem Eray Cil BA

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  1. E. E. Cil and L. Schmalen, "Iteration-dependent scaled min-sum decoding for low-complexity key reconciliation in CV-QKD," Proc. Opt. Fiber Commun. Conf. (OFC), San Diego, CA, USA, Mar. 2024,
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  2. E. E. Cil and L. Schmalen, "Log-log domain sum-product algorithm for information reconciliation in continuous-variable quantum key distribution," Proc. Conf. Inform. Sciences Syst. (CISS), Princeton, NJ, USA, Mar. 2024,
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