Communications Engineering Lab

Major 14: Communication Systems


Transmission of information is an important part of every day's life. Besides those applications that are obviously related to communication as, e.g., mobile communications and wireless LAN, most current technologies are relying on information transmission. Localization is based on satellites or local infrastructure, automation requires transmission of control data, and cars are requiring extensive data transmission between control units. Within the major "Nachrichtensysteme" students are prepared for a professional career within this field of activity.

Within the Bachelor program, the lecture Nachrichtentechnik I is providing a survey on the building blocks that every communication system is composed of. Additional lectures at CEL are covering theoretical fundamentals as well as practical applications. Within CEL‘s lab students are getting familiar with phenomenons of signal processing and digital communications by working with demonstrators based on Matlab and GnuRadio.

Topics of Bachelor and Master theses are related to up-to date research at CEL. Students are working on projects covering theoretical work, simulations, and realizations on SDR platforms. Within their theses a thorough analysis is equally important as proof of concept by implementing transmitter and receiver structures, coding and decoding and many more using Matlab, GnuRadio, Python or C++.

Proof of concept is mostly conducted with USRPs by National Instruments (formerly Ettus Research). Besides showing functionality of algorithms these tasks provide important insights about realization of (large) projects.

Since students are working in close contact to research at CEL, they are familiar with state of the art technology and are able to participate and contribute in a self-conscious and creative manner. Thereby, progressing research and successful education are mutually entailing.


Mandatory modules (Start of Master from WS 2018/19)

Basics of major Sem SWS
Nachrichtentechnik II / Communications Engineering II (CEL) SS / WS 2+1
Messtechnik (IIIT) WS 2+1
Antennen und Mehrantennensysteme (IHE) WS 2+2
Mandatory courses Sem SWS
Communication Systems and Protocols (ITIV) SS 2+1
Numerische Methoden (Institut f. Analysis) SS 2+1
Channel Coding: Graph-Based Codes (CEL) WS 3+1
Angewandte Informationstheorie (CEL) WS 3+1
Signalverarbeitung in der Nachrichtentechnik (CEL) SS 2+1
Machine and Optimization in Communications (CEL) SS 2+1
Praktikum Nachrichtentechnik (CEL) WS+SS 4

Note: The credits (LP) being assigned to the "Semesterwochenstunden" (SWS) can be found in the description of the according lecture.


Mandatory modules (Start of Master before WS 2018/19)

Mandatory courses Sem SWS
Numerische Methoden (Institut f. Analysis) SS 2+1
Communication Systems and Protocols (ITIV) SS 2+1
Mikrowellentechnik / Microwave Engineering (IHE) WS / SS 2+1
Antennen und Mehrantennensysteme (IHE) WS 3+1
Optimization of Dynamic Systems (IRS) WS 2+1
Satellitenkommunikation (CEL) (*) WS 2+0
Software Radio (CEL) (*) SS 2+0
Nachrichtentechnik II / Communications Engineering II (CEL) SS / WS 2+1
Angewandte Informationstheorie (CEL) WS 3+1
Verfahren zur Kanalcodierung (CEL) SS 2+0
Praktikum Nachrichtentechnik (CEL) WS+SS 4

(*): Lecture no longer offered. Please contact your study advisor.

Note: The credits (LP) being assigned to the "Semesterwochenstunden" (SWS) can be found in the description of the according lecture.


Elective modules

Several possible elective courses are listed below. Additionally, lectures of the department ETIT and on a limitied scale from other departments may be chosen if they make sense within your major. All choices have to be approved by your study advisor.


Lehrveranstaltung Sem SWS
Quellencodierung (CEL) SS 2+0
Seminar: Ausgewählte Kapitel der Nachrichtentechnik (CEL) WS+SS 3+0
Channel Coding: Algebraic Methods for Communications and Storage (CEL) SS 2+0
Satellite Communications (CEL) SS 2+0
Methoden der Signalverarbeitung (IIIT) WS 2+2
Mikrowellenmesstechnik (IHE) SS 2+1
Modern Radio Systems Engineering (IHE) SS 2+1
Optical Transmitters and Receivers (IPQ) WS 2+1
Optical Waveguides and Fibers (IPQ) WS 2+1
Field Propagation and Coherence (IPQ) WS 2+1

Note: The credits (LP) being assigned to the "Semesterwochenstunden" (SWS) can be found in the description of the according lecture.


Soft skills

In addition to the mandatory courses and the electives, so-called "überfachliche Qualifikationen" (soft skills, ÜQ) have to be completed. They habe to cover 6 credits (LP) and should be chosen from department ETIT or others. Those ÜQ can be selected at will as long as their content is not technical.
Possible choices are modules sind within the area of economy, social sciences, the „Centre for Cultural and General Studies“ (ZAK) oder dem „House of Competence“ (HoC):

  • Business administration
  • Language courses
  • ...

Please note that no ETIT-elective may be chosen as ÜQ.



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